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Autumn M. Urling of Get On Track is a woman that everyone can relate to. She deals with the depression of your mind in this so-called recession today. "It is time to master your mind and conquer your joy," Autumn says. She reaches every household and develops a trust and gains friendship in her writings.

A businesswoman for 14 years, she has experienced a lot of turmoil and overcome her struggles with victory of the mind, body, and spirit. Autumn wants all people to live out their purpose and dreams. With many sacrifices and struggles, Autumn shares her challenges of life.

Having followed in her mother's footsteps, Autumn is carrying the family name. Upon the loss of her mother in 2009 in her arms, Autumn decided to reach as many people in her writings to encourage them to hang on. Autumn not only speaks it in her writings, but you hear her and believe her. She offers an essence of hope because she speaks from the heart and cares about mankind.

Autumn is a diligent woman that works with interns and encourages them to reach their journey. She has experienced the downfall in the real estate industry in the late 80s to survive the financial meltdown in the mortgage industry from 2007 to present.

She has now become an advocate to tell The Real Deal of how the misrepresented erroneous acts by our banking institutions has fallen not only in our face, but in those who instituted the regulations. "It is time to stop and live your life, not anyone else's," Autumn says. As the owner of a family-owned business, she has encouraged a countless amount of people to delve into their dreams and come out with a destiny of true happiness.

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Georgia A. Urling

Finally, Autumn’s Mother, Georgia A. Urling, was and continues to be a huge inspiration, see Georgia's biography.

For more information on Autumn's experiences and qualifications, See Autumn’s resume.

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